Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thought for the Day

With the coalition looking more likely, a thought crossed my head. Any chance of Elizabeth May getting appointed to the Senate and serving in cabinet? The NDP's hostility towards the Greens (not to mention the Senate itself) would be a big roadblock, but a Green in cabinet might further give the Coalition a boost to the all-encompassing progressive image it will seek to send. Ironically given the Greens failure to win a seat, Elizabeth May, who has long promoted coalition politics and cooperation between progressive party, May's ideas may turn out to be the long run winner of the election.

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Anonymous said...

I have actually been considering the appointment of May since the first word of this coalition. I think it would be the right move, especially considering the amount of votes the Greens took away from the Grits (for nothing really - no seats). This would be a great way to get them and Ms. May back on board. And something that Ms. May really deserves considering her party earned nearly a million votes.