Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Liberal Bag is for OYL Roots!

As an active and dedicated Young Liberal, it makes me proud to say that I fully endorse the OYL Roots slate at the AGM. A simple look at the numbers shows why the Roots team cannot be topped:

5 Current OYL Executive Members

6 Former or Current OYL Area Coordinators

6 Former or Current OYL Student Club Presidents

8 Former or Current OYL Student Club Executive Members

8 Former or Current OYL Riding Club Presidents

5 Current OYL Riding Club Executive Members

4 Former Campaign Youth Chairs

6 Former or Current Summer Employees at Queen’s Park or Parliament Hill

5 Former or Current Constituency Office Employees

2 OYL Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

1 OYL Club President of the Year Award Winner

2 OYL Student Club of the Year Award Winners

1 Former Campaign Manager

1 Leadership National Youth Director

1 OWLC Executive Member

1 LPCO Organization Committee Representative

11 Campuses Represented

Beyond experience, the Roots team and it's dedicated members can deliver the refreshing change that the OYL wants and needs. The slate is strength followed by strength, and I know the members have both the ideological zest, and the experience, to help the OYL move forward and act as one of the great forces for progressive policy in this country. So I urge Young Liberals across Ontario to come together and join this great force for progress that is the OYL Roots slate!


Anonymous said...

What a great team. I'm with them 100%

Anonymous said...

They look like all hype and no substance. The other slate deserves a serious look!

Anonymous said...

an interesting array of candidates, with some great people here and there. however, the lot of them have been doing nothing but talking smack.

we'll see who ends up on top in March!

The Liberal Bag said...

In defense, yeah, it has been mostly hype and talk so far, it is still early. But a look at the experience of the people involved, as well as knowing several of them personally, is enough to push me into being a supporter.

Justin L. said...

All hype? Isn't life easy when you can ignore everything like the numbers in the post above (they seem pretty damned experienced to me) and then hide behind an anonymous label? Talking smack? Any examples?

I bet no one actually comments here on record against this team. What are the odds the last two comments actually came from someone on the other slate? Hmmm I wonder.