Friday, February 22, 2013

Elephant in the room: Hudak continues to flip-flop on power plants

The literal elephant in that picture is from a PC photo op stunt done in Mississauga on September 28th, in an attempt to attack the Liberals over the power plant issue. The bigger elephant though, are the numerous statements made by Hudak and local Mississauga Conservatives in favour of scrapping the plant.

Hudak, who has flip-flopped on issues like the tax reform, health care funding, protecting the rights of Ontario citizens and a triple flip-flop on full day kindergarten has ironically now built up a pretty consistent track record of flip-flopping and making up policy on the fly. Hudak and the PC's can go after the Liberals, but the facts are simple; while the PC's talked and played politics, the Liberals took action. I'd say Bill Clinton's quote about it taking some brass for attacking someone for doing what you did would be a good fit, but all Hudak has actually do is vent hot air and continue to flip-flop.

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