Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Youth support from across Ontario for Charles Sousa!

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I remember when I first started volunteering for Charles Sousa back in 2007. Charles had just been nominated as the Liberal candidate for the fall general election, following the departure of Tim Peterson from the Liberal caucus. Charles was a first time candidate running in a riding which had never voted Liberal provincially before 2003 against an incumbent the PC's were treating as a star candidate. I've seen as Charles' campaign has grown from his kitchen table and the back of his van to a province wide effort, and that's why I'm so proud to stand with Young Liberals from across Ontario who Charles has inspired to get involved.

Below is the release on Charles' youth support. I encourage you to share it across Twitter and Facebook if you support Charles.


In the week leading up to the Ontario Liberal Party’s Leadership Convention on January 25th, Sousa’s campaign continues to build with Sousa’s message of real renewal which has been resonating with youth from across the province.
“I am very grateful to have the support of so many engaged young people”, said Sousa. “Their enthusiasm and commitment to our party and our province is vital and extremely encouraging. Without them, there is no real renewal.”
With the opposition raising the spectre of another provincial election so soon after the last one, Sousa’s ability to lead the party is top of mind for many Liberals.
“Charles is a man I can see as Premier of Ontario, and someone I can see standing up there, defending our record against Horwath and Hudak. I think he is the right choice for these times and I am proud to support him,” said Roy Sengupta, Member of the Ottawa Centre Provincial Liberal Association.
His focus on creating jobs and growing the economy is resonating strongly with many students and recent graduates.
“Charles is running to be Ontario’s “Jobs Premier” and his plan to create and save jobs will greatly benefit recent university and college graduates like me,” said Tyler Anderson, studying at York University.
“He had me at ‘Jobs’,” added Abdullah Sherif, a Young Liberal from Scarborough Centre.
For others, it’s his social conscience and work at the community level that convinced them that Sousa is the right candidate for Premier.
“Charles inspires me to be a better person and to continue to get involved within the community. His loyalty to the people and his dedication to make a difference is why I have chosen to support him,” said Jessica Cabral, a Young Liberal from Mississauga-Brampton South.
Warren Bradley Clarke, VP Federal of the UTM Liberals said “Charles is the answer. His devotion, kind heart and strength are what distinguish him from the rest. ”
All agree that his leadership style and open, honest and inclusive campaign were key in their decision to support Sousa.
“I’ve been deeply impressed with the ideas-oriented and forward-looking campaign Charles has run. As a lifelong Mississauga resident I know how hard Charles has worked to represent his community and know that the whole province will benefit from his enthusiasm and determination,” said Kevin Draper, VP of the Mississauga East-Cooksville Federal Liberal Association and Director of the Trinity-Spadina Provincial Liberal Association.
“Charles is a great listener and great leader. I have complete confidence in his abilities to put this province on the track to great success,” said Brian Santos, Past President of the Cambridge Young Liberals.
Many of today’s endorsements come from delegates to the Ontario Liberal Party’s upcoming leadership convention in Toronto on the weekend of the 25th-27th.
Sousa is running to be Ontario’s Jobs Premier and has proposed several concrete steps we can take to create jobs now. For more information about his plan or to contact his campaign, visit www.votesousa.ca.

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