Friday, December 16, 2011

Experience to get the job done - Alexandra Mendes' proven track record

In this time of Liberal rebuilding, the Party President must work for,
and be accountable to the membership. It is not enough to simply chair
meetings or to be a talking head on TV, a President must have the
passion and experience for organizational management required to take
on the heavy tasks of rebuilding our party.

Alexandra Mendes has that passion and experience.

Within the party, Alexandra has demonstrated her management experience
in the myriad of roles she has played - working her way up through the
party, going all the way from a local riding volunteer, to a riding
association President, to an MP assistant to proudly serving the
people of Brossard-La Prarie. Alexandra also has valuable experience
at management outside of politics, having served as Executive Director
of Maison Internationale de la Rive-Sud, an immigrant settlement
agency on the south shore of Montreal. When Alexandra took over the
agency, it was in trouble, having gone into financial receivership,
and not able to play its part in helping New Canadians thrive in our
great country. But with skill, dedication, and passion, Alexandra
helped right the ship and brought the agency back into financial
stability. Alexandra has a proven track record, not rhetoric, of
bringing hard work and dedication to organizational management, and
the Liberal Party of Canada needs someone both with a firm commitment
to improving management operations, and passion for the Liberal Party
and Liberal values.

Alexandra Mendes is the best candidate for the job of Liberal Party of
Canada President. Elect a President with passion, dedication, and a
proven track record to help our party renew.

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