Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sold down the river without a paddle

Above: Rocco in more Liberal times

Gotta love this quote from the Star on Rossi running for the PC's:

Here's what both your old, and new friends are saying about you Rocco:

Both Tory and Liberal insiders denounced Rossi as “an opportunist” — Tories out of concern he is a carpet-bagger and Liberals because they feel betrayed.

“How can we call ourselves Conservatives and have a guy who raised millions for the Liberals to defeat Conservatives running for us?” fumed one Tory.

A Liberal noted the governing party has collected reams of research on Rossi’s public utterances blasting the Tories over the years and will not be shy about reminding him of his comments.

It will be interesting to see if the rumours of a draft Karen Stinz movement in Eglinton-Lawrence pick up steam with disgruntled PC's looking for another outlet.

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