Thursday, February 10, 2011

John Tory on the HST: "good economic and tax policy if we want to create jobs in the province of Ontario"

And this quote from McGuinty brings it home:

“I’m absolutely convinced that the PCs in fact are supportive of the HST. They were always there and they always have been,” said McGuinty, shrugging off Hudak’s public opposition to the tax.

“In fact, we would not have been able to move forward with the HST in Ontario without the support of many Ontario PCs, whether you’re taking John Baird or Tony Clement … or Jim Flaherty,” he said, referring to former Tory MPPs who are now top members of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative cabinet.

Leadership on the economy and job creation helps Ontario families more than buck a beer.

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grahame said...

The global recession was hard on economies around the world. Ontario worked with people when others would have cut them loose. The economy is back on track. Ontario jobs are coming back and growth is returning. See the progress report here: