Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trudeau vs. Harper

I fully expect the Tory talking points over the next few days to attack the Liberals for going into deficit in the Trudeau era (yeah, because the first thing Canadians are thinking right now is "What would John Turner do as Finance Minister right now?"), it is important to bring up one simple fact:

Current number of Liberal MP's who supported the Trudeau deficit: 1, Ralph Goodale who was elected to Parliament in 1974 at the age of 24 and served as a one-term backbencher.

Current number of Conservative MP's who will support the Harper deficit: 143, MacKay, Keddy, Kerr, Shea, Ashfield, Moore, O'Neill-Tilly Gordon, Thompson, Weston, Allen, Bernier, Boucher, Petit, Blackburn, Blaney, Gourde, Verner, Paradis, Cannon, Lebel, Sweet, Brown, McColeman, Miller, Wallace, Goodyear, O'Connor, Van Kestern, Tilson, Oda, Preston, Watson, Lemieux, Finley, Devolin, Raitt, Lobb, Rickford, Woodworth, Albrecht, Braid, Shipley, Reid, Brown, Dechert, Poilierve, Brown, Nicholson, Allison, Norlock, Young, Calandra, Carrie, Galipeau, Baird, Mackenzie, Clement, Schellenberger, Del Mastro, Kramp, Gallant, Davidson, Guergis, Stanton, Dykstra, Lauzon, Kent, Chong, Flaherty, Van Loan, Tweed, Fletcher, Mark, Smith, Hoeppner, Toews, Glover, Bezan, Bruinooge, Ritz, Yellich, Anderson, Clarke, Boughen, Hoback, Lukiwiski, Scheer, Trost, Block, Vellacott, Komarnki, Breitkruez, Richardson, Prentice, Obhrai, Shory, Ablonzky, Kenney, Harper, Anders, Sorenson, Hawn, Goldring, Rajotte, Lake, Rathgeber, Uppal, Ambrose, Jean, Casson, Menzies, Payne, Warkentin, Dreeshen, Benoit, Storseth, Calkins, Richards, Merrifield, Fast, Harris, Strahl, Cummins, Grewal, McLeod, Cannan, Abbott, Warawa, Lunney, Saxton, Day, Maynes, Kamp, Moore, Hill, Wong, Lunn, Hiebert, Cadman, Duncan, Weston, Aglukkaq

Which team do you trust with the economy?

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The Grumpy Voter said...

Jesus Christ himself could be running the Canadian government right now, we'd STILL be going into deficit. Everyone is panicking about the unprecedented nature of this recession (though 6.9% unemployment is something Trudeau could only have dreamed of during the recession of the early 1980's when we had double digit unemployment and double digit interest rates in Canada, but I digress.)

Were Ignatieff PM, he'd unveil the identical budget to this save for the tax cuts. Anyone who disagrees is on crack. This is a Liberal budget dressed in a blue suit.