Monday, January 19, 2009

Grits to challenge Tory

This is good stuff, good stuff, particularly the rhetoric used by Johnson, a local name:

“We can elect someone who wants to use our community as a stepping stone, and who will begin shopping for his next riding, the day after the byelection,” he said in a statement from Lindsay, Ont. “Or we can elect a truly local representative to work for our community on the side of the government and bring real, positive change to our riding.”

Johnson, who would be a second time candidate, also has a good story to tell for being opposed to Tory:

Mr. Johnson resigned as president of the Ontario Public School Boards' Association to run against Ms. Scott in 2007 because he was opposed to Mr. Tory's controversial promise to extend public funding to religious schools.

With Johnson as a candidate, the local Liberal campaign can work on two big advantages: portaying Tory as an outsider, with little concern for the people of the riding except as a steping stone to better things in the GTA, and for keeping faith based funding on the agenda. Remember, we dont even have to out and out defeat Tory to limit his effectiveness as leader.

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or should we not WANT Tory to stay on as leader. He's such a poor leader for the tories that so long as he's their leader Liberals are sure to win any election.

If Tory wins that seat it'd just extent the PC Party's languishing in mediocrity. If he loses, sure the Liberals gain a seat, but Tory would most certainly be booted out and a more capable leader put in his place.