Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ontario helps farmers move forward on the environment

Since going from the suburban GTA to Eastern Ontario for school, I have picked up more of an appreciation for the needs and wants of rural Ontario, and particularly, farmers, who often serve as the lifeblood of rural communities. In terms of climate change, rural Ontario and farmers have been (somewhat justifyingly) split on how to best deal with the issue. While naturally as farmers, they have a close connection, both personally and economically with the earth, they have often been wary of certain environmental legislation and programs, fearful that well the legislation/programs may be well-intentioned, they are not designed with rural conditions in mind.

This is why these 3 carbon offset programs, designed to help farmers both join the fight against climate change, and make farmers more profit from bringing them into the green-collar economy is a very positive step forward. While obviously these programs are just in the testing stages, it is refreshing to see an environmental program directly take into account the experience, needs, and wants of farmers and rural Ontario, particularly as the federal government continues its retreat of responsibility for action on climate change.

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