Monday, August 25, 2008

Back In Guelph

I spent basically the entire Friday-Sunday period being as Young Liberal as I could. Friday morning was spent volunteering at the Toronto-Danforth Green Shift event, which was pretty good, and then went down to Guelph, to work one last time in the summer for the Frank Valeriote campaign. Overall, it was an extremely successful weekend, the campaign managed to get 50 polls done. Talking to people at the door, the response was mostly positive, with most people who would vote ("Undecided" in a by-election usually means "I'm not gonna vote) saying they would vote for Frank, which means at the very least, we are maintaining the Liberal base in the riding. In terms of lawn signs, I would give Frank an edge over Gloria, but surprisingly, Mike Nagy of the Green Party had far more signs then Tom King of the NDP. While a Liberal victory of course is the main objective, the Greens beating the NDP into third would make a Liberal victory that much sweeter. Of course, given that Harper might just break his own laws and ram an election down Canadians throat, it might all be for not. Two headlines I've seen sum up Conservative hypocrisy: "Harper says Parliament is dysfunctional", and "Pollivere calls Ethics Committee 'irrelevant'."

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