Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PC candidates and MPPs flee from Hudak's leadership

Hudak is down two candidates, with his candidates in Hamilton Mountain and Hamilton East-Stoney Creek resigning. This of course, comes hot on the heels of PC candidate Dave Brister getting the boot for standing up for his constituents and standing up to Hudak and his reckless "right to work for less" schemes, Hudak's Finance spokesperson Peter Shurman resigning as an MPP after billing you for his second home, and long time MPP and frontbench critic Frank Klees announcing his retirement rather than running for Hudak a second time.

Oh, and Gila Martow, the new Hudak candidate in Thornhill? In addition to contradicting Hudak and supporting subway taxes, she showed how out of touch she is by stating that "I don’t think that, especially in the Thornhill riding, there’s too many families... that are working ­— the parents ­— at real minimum-wage jobs"

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Anonymous said...

Gila Martow is TOTALLY out of touch. She suggested putting "Astro turf" down to solve the problem of weeds in Vaughan. This appeared in the Liberal Newspaper on months gone by - & this is a direct quote! If she is elected Tim Hudak will spend the next 4 years putting out fires!

Good luck Tim!!