Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leadership on Healthcare

From a PC government that closed dozens of hospitals (with Tim Hudak personally playing a role as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health) and didn't even bother tracking wait times, to a Liberal government that has gotten results like the shortest wait times in Canada, opening 18 hospitals, hiring over 11,500 nurses and delivering almost 3,000 new doctors meaning 1.3 million people have a family doctor, Ontario's public healthcare system is on the right track.

Ontario Liberals will moving Ontario's healthcare system forward by creating home health care, to help every Ontarian, particularly seniors, have better access to healthcare services. Liberals are supporting families who work together to get through tough times with the new Family Caregiver Leave, allowing paid leave to hard-working Ontario families who need to support ill family members. We'll fight the battle against cancer with the creation of the Personalized Cancer Risk Profile system, help more Ontario families win the battle against cancer.

Liberals are also dedicated to improving child and mental health, so all Ontarians feel like belong.

A serious issue like healthcare needs a serious plan, and leadership to see thing through. Dalton McGuinty has that plan and that leadership.

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