Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Plan

Kevin Page once again shows the truth: That the Harper Conservatives talk on the economy are all transparent politics.

Page's office expected to find out how 10 departments that had reported expected employment reductions were going to maintain service levels with fewer staff.

His office found that only one department — Human Resources and Skills Development Canada — actually had a plan to do so, while RCMP and Correctional Service Canada did not respond to Page's requests.

The report found that planned staff cuts would be offset by an expected increase of more than 4,000 jobs at Correctional Services Canada, leading to an overall reduction of just 1,000 full-time positions in the medium term for all 10 departments. Based on those numbers, the report finds "limited evidence" that the government's current plans will meet the Treasury Board’s public service attrition target.

After 5 years of deficit and division, Harper and the Conservatives have no real plan for helping Canadian families and getting our fiscal spending under control. Canadians deserve better.

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