Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simcoe-Grey nomination news

Of course, the big nomination news from Simcoe-Grey today is that Kellie Leitch, who had long been rumoured to be interested in the Tory nomination will officially enter the race, with a campaign kick off event featuring such luminaries as former Ontario Premier Bill Davis (interesting that the Tories would roll out a high profile Red Tory) and Jim Flaherty. Collingwood mayor Chris Carrier has previously declared for the nomination, and it will be interesting to see if he gets any pressure to drop out in favour of a bigger name candidate. Considering that normally the mayor of Collingwood would be a decently "name" candidate in the riding (Collingwood is the 3rd largest town in the riding), it will be interesting to see how those dynamics work out.

Aside from the Tories, however, the local Greens also will be needing a candidate, as Stuart Starbuck, who had been nominated to run in the next election, has stepped aside to take a run at municipal office. With Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner running provincially in Simcoe-Grey, the party might try and find a strong candidate to help build up the Green brand.

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rockfish said...

Truly incredible that someone with such a pedigree could side with Harper. How she can embrace the anti-science leanings of the Harper Conservatives really should make a lot of parents reconsider where they get their medical help.