Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moving Ontario's economy forward

The Ontario Liberals have a plan, the Hudak PC's have Tea Party rhetoric.

On July 1st, it will be easier for every business in Ontario to do what they do best; innovate, create jobs, and help move Ontario's economy forward. The word progressive gets tossed around a lot, basically at this point being just another word for "centre-left" without any actual meaning. But if you look at the real meaning of the word, which is to look forward, to change things, to challenge the status quo, the HST is the most progressive policy a government could do right now, and I am proud the McGuinty Liberals are moving forward with it.

Coming out of a recession, Ontarians know that the economy will not be the same as it was before. We cannot, to quote Andrea Horwath, "refuse to adapt." With a new economy, we need a new tax structure. The Ontario Liberals are moving forward with a tax reform plan that in addition to income tax cuts for 93% of the province, transitional cheques to ensure everyday Ontario families can benefit from the economic recovery, and the HST, will help ensure that we have the strong economy we want, generating the jobs and revenue we need, to provide for the world class public services the people of Ontario deserve.

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