Saturday, February 14, 2009

CUSA Elections

Carleton has voted, as can be seen here:

Despite a lot of talk that the "establishment/CFS" slate could be beaten this year, the Demand Better slate (which I was supporting) only managed to get one exec member elected, Nick Bergamini, who was basically the whistle blower in the whole Shineramagate. Unfortunately, Brittany Smyth, the incumbent President who mishandled the Shineramagate incident, was elected as a Public Affairs rep.

Beyond that, however, the story of the election is developing to be the appointment of the "Because It Matters" candidate Erik Halliwell as President, after the controversial disqualification of Bruce Kyereh-Addo (the Demand Better candidate) and Cam Macintosh, an independent candidate. Furthermore, lets take a look at the results of the exec positions in which the student vote in theory actually counted:

VP Finance

Joel Schuurman (Demand Better)
Votes: 1561
Meera Chander (Because It Matters)
Votes: 1727

Patrick Troy

Spoiled: 56
Rejected: 146

VP Internal

Cameron McKenzie (Because It Matters)
Votes: 1946

Shaun Cawley (Demand Better)
Votes: 1727

Spoiled: 78
Rejected: 171

VP Student Issues

Ashton Starr
Votes: 386

Carlos Chacon (Because It Matters)
Votes: 1635
Nicholas Bergamini (Demand Better)
Votes: 1729

Spoiled: 49
Rejected: 127

VP Student Services

Jessica Vasquez (Demand Better)
Votes: 1960

Shewit Kalaty (Because It Matters)
Votes: 1730

Spoiled: 81
Rejected: 163

VP Student Life

Alexandre Sirois (Because It Matters)
Votes: 2155

Omhenimhen Iyamu
Votes: 622

Yulian Ihnatyuk
Votes: 753

Spoiled: 72
Rejected: 249

As you can see, with the exception of the Student Life position, (the Demand Better candidate had to withdraw) the difference between the Demand Better and Because It Matters candidates was smaller then the number of ballots deemed to be spoiled and rejected. It remains to be seen how any appeals of the disqualified candidates will go, but after a lot of initial hope, it looks like broadly speaking, the establishment won again.

EDIT: Lots of rumours floating around that Bruce actually recieved more votes for President then Erik, around 1700.


Monkhouse said...

Bruce Kyereh-Addo (Demand Better) Votes: 1744
Cameron MacIntosh Votes: 481
Erik Halliwell (Because It Matters) Votes: 1569

Also 'Demand Better' won VPSS, I'm not sure why you counted that.

Not counting the partisan disqualification of Bruce the 'Demand Better' slate won 50% of the executive positions, beating in number of votes all 3 returning executives.

Emile S. said...

Hi Will,

Small correction – apart from Bruce, two Demand Better candidates were elected; Jess Vasquez beat Shewit Kalaty for VPSS by over 200 votes.