Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harper trades sweater-vest for life jacket as Tory support collapses

This isn't the election Stephen Harper planned. His plan were to steal John Howard/George W. Bush negative attack ads and wedge politics, run a personalized campaign around the loose concept of "leadership", and talk about how doing things his way - his laizzez faire, hands off, "we need steady leadership" way, all on the road to a majority government.

What a shame reality has a liberal bias. As the economy slumps as a result of the very same Bush-ian economic policies Harper has been inspired by, Harper's poll numbers has slumped dramatically, resulting in a horse-race for the last week of the campaign. Canadians are turning away from the Conservatives, and today's release of the Conservative platform, the "inaction reaction" is nothing more then a series of hail mary passes and policy reversals as Harper's numbers slide while Dion's and the Liberals numbers grow. With the race so close, progressive Canadians have a choice, they can vote against the Harper government by voting for a smaller party, which only assures the re-election of the Conservatives, or they can vote to replace the Conservatives by getting behind Dion and the Liberals.


Steve V said...

Great title!

prb-Mississauga said...

People have had enough of Mr. Harper bouncing back and forth on the issues while in power, and waiting until there's only one week in the campaign to announce a platform.

The Liberal platform was introduced early into the campaign, and the Green platform over a year ago. Many Liberal policies are borrowed out of Vision Green, and I welcome this because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I haven't paid much attention to the NDP.