Thursday, July 31, 2008

Making some things clear

After my last post became a bit of a circus, I deleted it, and now want to set the record straight. After having talked with various people within the party, and being given more information, I need to say a few things. First off, I apologize for anyone involved with the campaign at any level of organization who felt that my comments were a rebuke of them. I as much as any Liberal Party member want to see us move forward in the renewal process, and a Liberal victory in Westmount-Ville Marie under Marc Garneau and his campaign team. I would like to re-affirm my loyalty to the Liberal Party of Canada, and my belief that the next election can be won with a united Liberal Party, and that I want to contribute as much as I personally can to this victory. That my previous post has become an issue can only be attributed to a lapse in my personal judgement and responsibility. No one but myself can take any blame for this, and I do not want anyone taking any blame that should not be shouldered by them. I should have been more aware of the consequences of my actions, and taken more professional steps. My own passion for the Liberal Party, and desire to win the next election blinded my vision, and as a result, and this combined with some ignorance on my own part of the situation led my to take steps which were not the correct ones. I am doing what I believe are the right steps to take, and I know that together the Liberal Party will win not just Westmount-Ville Marie, but the next election.

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